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Star Plantation is a unique and exciting exploration farming game! Set foot on a vast planet and farm, craft and explore your way to becoming one of the best Star Plantations.

Working for the evil overlord company Ever-Systems Ltd you will be responsible for turning the planet into the most profitable business it can be. Along the way using the Ever-Systems Ltd Hyper Space Market you will collect resources, grow your own plants, hunt creatures and more importantly give them hugs in this wild exploration game.

Creatures eat many of the resources on the planet but it is up to you to discover which ones they like and which ones may or may not get them hunting you down for their next meal.

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Patch 0.1.36 is Live 19/3/2018


There was an error with the Ore Crusher and we have now fixed it as of 2:50pm GMT.

Greetings Employees,

Make sure to update your data logs if you haven't already as we have just updated to version 0.1.36.

We had several problems which we were addressing this update. The first was the barrels and looking at expanding the area they needed between them. After much consideration we have decided not to do this and instead let you use the new Wrench system to move the barrels if you don't want this to happen. When we rework our building mechanic to be much smoother we will address it all correctly then.

With the new Wrench tool at your disposal you can move all the machines and more that you have built and replace them where you see fit.

Here is now the latest breakdown:

-New Wrench tool to move machines

-Item icons now display correctly

-Robots now work much harder for you

-Improved story

-Additional containers

-Portal mini story added

-New farming recipes to discover

-*hopefully* water now kills creatures correctly

-Money from Employee Bonus Nerfed :(

-Back end work for new area started

-Several performance issues fixed

-Prompts added for building

-Gerard has had a little update

-Several new items added

Whats next?

So were always looking at expanding the universe and in the next patch we will be having a new area added with new creatures and items to go with it alongside a new story for the zone. We are going to be improving the main story running through the game too with the addition to Artifact Collections(Yes we know you may know where some are). Lastly any errors we find along the way we will look at fixing alongside updating and improving previous parts of the game including some UI back end updates and some item growing back end updates. However if you think there is anything we have missed or you would like to see please don't refrain from posting in our community tab! We always take players feedback seriously.

-Ever Systems

Featured Video this time is by LadyShelab:

Till next time, Happy exploring!


Steam Version Coming Soon

While we are working hard on Patch 0.1.4 and making sure the multiplayer is as fun as possible we would also like to announce that Star Plantation is coming to Steam this year. If you purchase a copy from Humble Bundle or Itch.io then you will automatically be awarded a steam unlock code also.

We would also like to remind everyone that you can always contact us at : info@kandocorp with suggestions or feedback for the game and we are loving all the video's of everyone playing it right now!

With that in mind we are going to be posting a featured youtuber on our news posts to help give a little something back where we can right now!

Featured Video this time is by Kart Gaming:

Till next time, Happy exploring!


Patch 0.1.4 is on it's way

Many of you have been asking when patch 0.1.4 is coming and we have some good news for you. It's coming when it's done(yes we know you wanted a date). While we can't yet say a date it will be ready we would like to announce a couple of things in the meantime:

Online Multiplayer(up to 4 players)

Character customization

Emote animations

Crafting 2.0

Till next time, Happy exploring!


Patch 0.1.3 20/11/2017 is now Live

Archives, Players will find archives that will help tell the story and let the player progress through the game.

Zone unlocks, we are adding gating into the zones so players must complete at least some things in the previous zones to unlock the next ones.

New Intro, the game will have a fresh intro as our old prototype one just doesn't cut it anymore.

Players inventory space will now increase at levels 3 and 8 to allow you to hold more per slot.

Snow Bun Buns will no longer deal damage.

Increased spawn rates in certain areas and have increased the number of creatures active in zones.

Performance improvements.

Patch 0.1.25b 26/5/2017 is now Live

Multiple fixes have been introduced to the game.

Many back end systems have been added to help with performance issues.

Patch 0.1.25 12/5/2017 is now Live

The new zone Elemental Heights is now live, including new creatures/items/crafting

We wont list everything for this patch as it's a content patch so go explore and have fun!

Patch 0.1.2 5/5/2017

With the previous patch fixing a lot of errors, this patch is all about laying the foundation for our new content and getting ready for what is coming. With that in mind we have added several new features to the game. Most importantly the mail system can now be used by pressing the R key. This patch focuses on more quality of life features. That being said, we will be having an additional patch next week on 12/5/2017 which will add a good chunk of content including the long awaited new zone and creatures.

-Mail can now be read using the R key

-Money now saves between save files

-Additional items added

-Aiming has been completely re done and should now feel much more accurate

-Miners have now been changed(You can build 2 at a time and how they work had changed)

-Added warning texts when crafting

-Added a skip option to the intro

-Updated Forest Effects

-Bun Buns should no longer fly out the map

-Bun Buns movements now changed

-Barrel Icons should now load when game loads*FIX*

-Fertiliser is now used up when farming

-Saving/Loading Improved

-New farming recipes added

-Ores now spawn around the world

-Creatures food tables updated

-Re designed the back end system for crafting(this will allow us to create new crafts much quicker than before)

-Foundation layed out for next weeks HUGE content patch 12/5/2017

We will be doing a patch every second week after this until our Beta at the end of August.

Patch 0.1.1 21/4/2017

Being the initial patch after launch on the 12th we have a lot of fixes and content coming it's way. Here is a list of some of the things coming in Patch 0.1.1.

-Upgrade Station Rework(you can still build it but it won't do anything currently)

-Additional Sounds Added

-Additional items

-Monsters lose aggro on death correctly now *Fix*

-Icedrop crater Updated(creatures and food)

-Working Farm Plots

-New hit effect when you take damage

-Gurok Flame Pit Opened

-Slowed hit rate from creatures when taking damage

-Text should wrap properly for items now *Fix*

-Working Miner bot

-Poo & Berries now not longer stuck in mid air when removed from barrels *Fix*

-Saving/Loading Improved

-Experience now gained when farming something new

We will be doing a patch every second week after this until our Beta at the end of August.